Strategic Action Committee (SAC): MCCC Legislative Agenda (Updated: 9/21/11/)


2011 – 2012 Legislative Session




H. 1244 - An Act Maintaining Faculty and College Excellence*

Requires that seventy-five percent of undergraduate courses be taught by full time tenure and tenure track faculty by 2017 and contains other provisions to help adjunct faculty including a possible career path. (Rep. David Sullivan)


H. 1654 - An Act to Clarify Terms of Collective Bargaining Agreements

Restores over 35 years of well-settled labor law by affirming that “evergreen clauses” are legal under G.L. c. 150E, even when they extend contract terms beyond three years.

(Senator Steven Tolman and Rep. Martin Walsh)


H. 2486 – An Act to Extend Creditable Service for Peace Corps Service*

Provides an opportunity for Higher Education faculty, librarians, and professional staff to purchase up to three years of creditable service for comparable time served in the Peace Corps.


H. 2553/S. 1416 - An Act to Invest in Our Communities*

Provides mechanisms to raise $1.3 billion in revenue to help protect and preserve our communities and public services from the impact of significant anticipated budget deficits by: increasing the income tax rate to 5.95% while increasing the personal exemption to minimize the impact on middle income families and, establishing an 8.95% rate on capital gains and dividends and interest income providing a $7,900 exemption for senior citizens whose incomes do not exceed $40,000 for individuals and $80,000 for couples. (Rep. Jim O’Day/Senator Sonia Chang Diaz)


H. 2932 - An Act Relative to Non-Public School Service

Permits K-12 teachers and higher education faculty who taught in non-public educational institutions to purchase up to three years of that service toward retirement (Rep. Cheryl Coakley-Rivera)


H. 2981 - An Act Relative to Funding Collective Bargaining Agreements for State Employees*

Streamlines the process for legislative approval of collective bargaining agreements for state employees by requiring ratified agreements to be submitted directly to the Legislature. Such requests for funding would be deemed approved if the Legislature fails to approve or reject such requests within thirty days of submission. (Rep. Martin Walsh)




S. 1307 - An Act Relative to Adjunct Faculty Pensions*

Allows part-time faculty who teach at least four, three or more credit courses per calendar year at one or more state higher education institutions to earn one half year of creditable service for this time. (Senator Pat Jehlen)





S. 1340 - An Act Relative to State Group Health Insurance*

Extends group health insurance coverage to part-time higher education faculty members who teach the equivalent of at least two courses per semester or four courses during a calendar year consisting of three or more credits regardless of funding source.

(Senator Richard Moore)


S. 1343 - An Act Relative to Cost of Living Adjustments for Retired Public Employees of the Commonwealth

Increases the base amount upon which cost of living adjustments for public retirees, spouses or other beneficiaries are calculated, from twelve thousand dollars to sixteen thousand dollars upon passage of the legislation. Indexes further base increases according to a schedule to what Social Security recipients are entitled. (Senator Richard Moore)


S. 1912 - An Act Relative to the Optional Retirement Program

Permits higher education faculty and certain administrators enrolled in the Optional Retirement Program to transfer with creditable service to membership in the state retirement system conditioned upon their payment of sufficient funds as determined by the State Retirement Board (Senator Marc Pacheco and Rep. Jay Kaufman)




·        House 1332: Repeal of the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)*

This federal legislation would eliminate the Windfall Elimination Provision, which greatly diminishes Social Security benefits for those with public pensions from one of 15 states, including Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island. This legislation would also repeal the Government Pension Offset which reduces public employees’ Social Security spousal or survivor benefits by 2/3 of their public pension.

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*NOTE: All bills with an asterisk are MCCC endorsed bills for which MCCC lobbyists and SAC leaders will be actively lobbying. Others are MTA bills that the MCCC supports and will lobby for as is appropriate. The MTA has also endorsed all bills on this list.