The MCCC must pay all stipends for individuals when the total will be more than $100 in a calendar year. What follows is information both for the employee and the chapter treasurer (or president).

Per Federal Law, every Chapter Employee who is paid by the MCCC must have on file a properly filled out I-9 and W-4 in the MCCC Office.

Here is what the EMPLOYEE and the Chapter Treasurer or President needs to do.

  1. I-9
    1. The EMPLOYEE gathers the necessary supporting documents as specified in the I-9 packet (page 3). See below for more information. Supporting documents are typically
      1. Passport OR
      2. Driver's License + Original or Certified Birth Certificate* OR
      3. Driver's License + Original Social Security Card*
        * See below for more information. There are other documents that can serve but that do not apply to most of our members.
    2. The EMPLOYEE meets with the chapter Treasurer or President, bringing with them the documentation required.
    3. The two parties download* the I-9 form. THIS FORM CAN BE FILLED OUT on the computer. You MUST use the form that expires 08/31/2019.Image of top of I-9 Form
    4. The EMPLOYEE fills out Section 1 on page 7 of the I-9 form packet on the computer.
      Two people at a desk
    5. The Chapter Treasurer/President fills out Section 2 on page 8 of the I-9 packet based on the information related to the documentation supplied by the EMPLOYEE.
    6. The EMPLOYEE keeps their documents. No copy is made of the documents.
    7. The Chapter Treasurer/President prints the document.
    8. The EMPLOYEE signs Section 1.
    9. The Chapter Treasurer/President signs Section 2.
  2. W-4
    1. The EMPLOYEE downloads* and fills out a W-4 form.
  3. Delivery
    1. The Chapter Treasurer/President or the EMPLOYEE gets these two (2) forms to the MCCC office. Best way is via your chapter director who can hand carry it. Else, registered, certified mail.

Bottom line, the MCCC Treasurer needs a properly filled out I-9 and W-4 for every chapter EMPLOYEE.

Where to Get Up-to-Date Forms

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Phil Mahler, Treasurer